Tattoos today are seen as cutting edge fashionable, especially amongst the Millennial Generation . Sporting a full sleeve tattoo peeking unapologetically beneath a well cut business suit doesn’t attract the gasps it once would.

Confession…As a child my family’s attititude to tattoos were… well…they were worn by undesirables.

So how did Popeye become my afternoon tea hero when he wore the mark of the undesirables ?

In spite of his ink I stayed true, seeing Popeye for what he was ” I am what I am!” A true Hero!

Not sure how I reconciled in my young mind that it was ok for Popeye, to wear a tattoo ?

I wonder if I  would have tolerated Olive Oil sporting a sneaky butterfly escaping from underneath her sundress? My childhood affections may not have been so loyal.


Thankfully maturity has diminished these long held misconceptions and I conclude ‘Nice’ people like and get  tattoos!


Confession – I still reach for my gun when I see a badass neck tattoo.


A Change of Heart ?

Everyday I see beautiful artworks (and duds) adorning nice normal employed people who happen to like tattoos. I see these walking, talking art installations and I love some of what I see and some are owners whom I love!


A favourite actor of mine, Johnny Depp says ,“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”


What if Johnny’s story included a few typos, I wonder how he would feel then, or if he wanted to rewrite his history…..that journal is beginning to look a little busy!


Another unknown author wrote in praise of tattoos – “Your body is a temple!”


But how long can you live in the same ‘temple’ before you feel the need to redecorate?


Taking this a bit further… to me it’s like wearing the same clothes day in day out, at some stage those clothes might seem a little dated.


What of the parents who involve their children in the process, not only in the application of the tattoos but in tattooing  their children’s doodles indelibly on their bodies. I can’t imagine tattooing myself with my children’s uncomplimentary kindy drawings of oversized head, huge eyes and stick figure….ok maybe the stick figure!


1 in 4 of people in Australia under the age of 30 are on tattoo trend; it’s fashionable to have a tattoo!


Motivations for getting a tattoo range from personal statement pieces, an act of rebellion or simply a fashion accessory and as my views on tattoos have changed so do some of the Inkster’s motivations.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.08.24 pm

Unfortunately 1/3 of Inksters suffer Tattoo Regret and seek removal options .


Thankfully what is done can be undone! Although in the case of tattoo removal it’s not without considerable cost and sometimes at the consequence of incomplete removal or scarring.


If the initial motivation of inking yourself has faded and your tattoo hasn’t, and you are part of the collective 1/3 of Inksters suffering from tattoo regret and considering rewriting history, then laser tattoo removal may be worth considering.


Or if you’re considering becoming an Inkster and you’re in the habit of changing your mind-Think before you Ink and head to Askinsolutions where I’ve compiled a complete guide to the latest, best and most successful tattoo removal options.


I’d love to know how you feel about neck tattoos?

S x



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