Does the Devil wear Botox?


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Injecting Botox is one the most common anti-aging procedures performed today and it never fails to provoke animated robust debate as to whether you should or shouldn’t use Botox.

 The childhood vaccination debate is tame by comparison!

I’ll leave the vaccination debate to the immunologists.

Medically speaking Botox is a relatively safe non -surgical procedure performed in office in less than 20 minutes with few, if any side effects. It’s less controversial uses are for medical conditions such as Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Chronic Migraines and Cerebral Palsy.

 Despite these medical indications nothing divides the sisterhood like the Grand Canyon at the mention of Botox! There are three sides to this passionate debate.

 Team Botox. Those who offer full disclosure about their Botox use.  These are loud and proud users and who will not be shamed into being quiet!

 Love her loathe her look, Dolly Parton is one of few who are open about her use of Botox and we love Dolly for her frankness.

Dolly says ‘Thanks to Botox and fillers, as well as the work that I’ve already had, my face pretty much maintains itself.’

 Not everyone has the confidence of Dolly but she confesses it makes her feel good about herself -‘She’s standing by her Man’!.

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The Clusers (closet users) . They keep their youthful ‘beauty secret’ close to their chests. The ‘Clusers’ are completely unaware (or seem oblivious to the stares) a furrowed free brow over the age of 30 might signal a relationship with the pointy end of a botox filled syringe.

Not wanting to ‘dis’ our Aussie Nicole but she was a famous’ Cluser’ attributing her stunning, frozen, peaches and cream appearance to healthy eating and exercise… later ‘fessing’ up about her Botox use…mmmmmm!


The strident Nay Sayers. This group would rather stab themselves in their own eye with a fork, rather than  ‘poison’ their bodies that are a temple! These vocalists opine loudly preferring instead to stave off the markers of time with rosehip oil, shaming the ‘Clusers’ back into the closet firmly slamming the door behind themselves, for fear of being labeled vain, self absorbed, frivolous or worse, not blessed with youthful genes! Gasp! Gwyneth Paltrow is their team captain!

 Fuel for the Nay Sayers…

A recent study by the University of Toronto found women who used botox were perceived to be ‘more vain and colder’ than those who used less extreme anti-aging measures such as skin care. Ouch !

But if it makes you happy…

Dr Michael Lewis at the University of Cardiff performed a study where 12/25 people were injected with Botox and the remaining were injected with fillers. The 12 who were injected with Botox were found to be significantly less depressed, anxious and irritable than those who did not.

So exactly what is Botox?

Botox is a purified form of Botulinum toxin type A and is a muscle relaxant. We know it by its registered trade name Botox. Botox is a therapeutic protein and when injected in small quantities into the muscle works to interrupt the nerve signals being sent to the muscles telling them to contract.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter released by nerves attaching it to muscle cells, which tell the muscle to contract. Botox blocks this process. It paralyses the muscles at the site of injection temporarily as the nerve fibers are able to regenerate themselves after a couple of months.

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 How is it performed?

An experienced Doctor or a cosmetic nurse under Doctors supervision performs Botox.

Botox is first diluted with saline before being injected into the muscle. It usually takes 24-72 hours to take effect and lasts up to 12 weeks.

 What are the costs?

Depending on the areas being treated costs range between $360-$770 varying with the amount being used. Botox is usually measured in units with a forehead typically using up to 30 units for desired results.

What are the risks?

Eyelid droop (Ptosis)

Asymmetrical eyebrows

Bruising and redness at injection site

Infection at injection site

Flu like symptoms lasting a couple of days


Pregnant or lactating

Known allergies to Botox

What about long term?

A long term study performed on identical twins by Dr W Binder found the twin who had regularly used Botox over a period of 13 years had less visible facial lines with no adverse effects.

 Realistically we live in a world of ageism where youth rules supreme! We live longer, working longer and lead active lives for longer. Is it wrong to want a youthful mindset to be reflected in the mirror?

 Heated debate will rage on but ultimately the decision is yours! Finding an experienced practioner to guide you through the decision making process will help you make an informed choice. The decision remains yours and not because a genetically blessed celebrity tells you the secret to a wrinkle free face is through contentment and a smile!

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