LOOK SHARP! Dermaplaning the new ‘IT GIRL’ or just an expensive shave?

I confess, I have been a slow adopter of this new technique in exfoliation; and yes, cynicism may have gotten in the way of my adoption ! Though not for my colleagues however, who have always maintained Dermaplaning’s benefits…. but for me it’s been a challenging sell.

Anytime a murderously sharp scalpel blade is proximal to my face or body’s main blood supply, in the absence of MBBS or Bachelor of Surgery, is always a good time to question….then client feedback stepped in!

A returning parade of happy, glowing skinned clients convinced me: maybe Dermaplaning is more than just an expensive shave after all !

Are you ready to go under the knife?

Dermaplaning aka Epiblading or Epidermal Levelling is a painless process using a scalpel blade and a gentle back and forth motion, scraping the uppermost epidermal layers of the skin and vellus hair of the face. Essentially it’s a mechanical form of exfoliation and leaves the skin feeling instantly smooth and dewy, allowing for greater penetration of skin care products and a flawless finish when applying makeup.

As a stand alone treatment it has its merits and  combined with other cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels or light based therapies, it’s ability to enhance penetration of both peeling agents and  light absorption increases the benefits of cosmetic outcomes.

Who is a candidate

Dermaplaning’s suitability for all skin types is what makes this treatment so popular. However, I would always recommend steering an active acneic skin away from derma planing until breakouts have healed to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Skin TYPES suitable for Dermaplaning-
  • Skin with fine downy/vellus hair
  • Thickened skin types
  • Fine lines and hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged or keratinised pores
  • Milia
  • Flaking/dry skin
  • Pregnant or lactating clients
Unsuitable skin conditions
  • Active acne or infections
  • Sensitive/broken skin
  • Skins with thick coarse hair

Will the hair grow back thicker?

Nooooooo is the simple answer! The pattern and rate of hair growth is not affected. The vellus hair is cut at a 45% angle at the skin’s surface ensuring when it does grows back it doesn’t have the stubble feel of post shaving.

Whats the ‘downy’ side?

An inexperienced operator may cause small nicks in the skin. Avoid this by choosing a clinician who demonstrates exceptional knife skills!

There is no ‘downy time’ however you may experience some redness and a little sensitivity. Ensure sunscreen is applied post treatment.

Treatment recommendations

At the clinic we recommend every three to four weeks between treatments for optimal results.

The beauty of Dermaplaning is the instant results it is able to achieve and to quote Shark Tank ‘for this reason I’m in’ and you’ll find me wielding my scalpel like a Samurai for an inexpensive shave!








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