Ahhh  the million dollar question…

Cellulite affects 85-95% predominantly females and presents as orange peel like dimpling in the skin any where on the body where there is adipose tissue.There is still no definitive explanation as to it’s cause and successful evidence based treatments remain elusive.

The lumpy appearance is caused by fat pushing against the connective tissue causing the skin to pucker.

Cellulite isn’t confined to overweight people however losing weight may be of benefit.

Factors which may contribute to the appearance of cellulite are poor diet, slow metabolism, lack of exercise and the thickness of your skin.

There are a range of treatment options available, but please be aware the results are often anecdotal and subjective and as a result may be unreliable. Most treatments are progressive; that is a number of treatments need to be undertaken in combination with an healthy diet and exercise for there to be a reduction in appearance,if at all.

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Non invasive

Endermologie is a mechanical system used to stimulate mamual massage of the skin.the machine is applied to the desired area of the skin and skin folds are rolled between 2  revoloving rollers damaging the subcutaneous fat cells

with rolling and suction pressures enough to destroy the fat cells.when these cells heal in a more evenly distributed manner.for optimal results treatments should be performed up to twice a week lasting 10-45 mins.

Mesotherapy involves the subcutaneous injection of compounds into the dermis of the skin. The compounds are

usually a mixture of herbs, vasodilators, anti-inflammatory medications and hormones.Futher research is needed as the efficacy of mesotherapy in the treatment of cullulite is under scrutiny.

Velasmooth combines infrared light, bi polar radio frequency, suction and massage assisting in the fat metabolism.

The massage and suction increases the circulation and stretches the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells which create the dimpled effect. Treatments are indicated twice weekly for optimal results and continued monthly as it’s not a permanent solution.

Tri Active Laser combines a diode laser, suction and massage aimed at reducing the appearance by thickening the dermis.

Most of the non invasive treatments combine suction and massage as part of their treatment options

Cellulite creams  are said to dissolve fat and smooth the skin, but many cellulite creams contain aminophylline, a prescription drug approved for treating asthma. There is no scientific evidence that these creams are effective against cellulite, and for some people, they can be harmful. Their apparent effect on cellulite may be due to narrowing blood vessels and forcing water from the skin, which could be dangerous for people with circulatory problems. Aminophylline can also cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Retinoids are a cream which is applied topically to affected areas. It is thought to aid in the appearance of cellulite by increasing the dermal collagen fibre deposition,strengthening the skin and preventing the herniation of fat cells through the skins layers contributing to the uneven appearance.


Liposuction  is a surgical procedure to remove fat deposits from the body. Liposuction, though, removes deep fat, not cellulite, which is just beneath the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology warns that liposuction may actually worsen the appearance of cellulite by creating more depressions in the skin and create scarring where the canula has been inserted.

Lipodissolve is a non surgical alternative to liposuction with the main ingredient being phosphatidylcholine. and is derived from soybeans. It is found naturally occurring in our body and helps to breakdown fats. It is injected into the areas where diet and exercise are ineffective. It has been used for about 10 years in the treatment of cellulite management. A limited number of areas can only be treated at one time and 2-3 sessions per area are needed for optimal results with a minimum of 2 months between treaments. Results can take up to 2 months to appear.

Unfortunatley unless you are prepared to embark of some of the lengthy treatment options,the old staples of an healthy diet and exercise are indicated in the treatment of cellulite. Darker skin  may also mask the dimpled appearance.


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